I offer a variety of workshops including 4 week courses and shorter one-off sessions focusing on specific parenting topics.

I recommend parents start with the Mindfulness Practice Workshop so that you can learn and develop the skills of emotional self-regulation which will allow you to bring greater calm, peace and presence into your own life as well as introducing mindfulness to your family.  Once you have completed this workshop you can choose to progress to the Mindful Parenting Workshop that is most appropriate for the age or ages of your child/children - here you will learn how to develop and teach both co-operation and boundaries in your home, understand the difference between discipline and punishment and equip yourself with vital knowledge about childhood or adolescent brain development.

I also teach one off sessions called Living as a Mindful Parent where we focus on a wide variety of parenting topics including anxiety, anger, siblings, loss, schooling, co-parenting and triggers to name a few.  If you're interested in finding out more about these monthly sessions please get in touch. 

(1-3 years)


  • Physical, emotional and brain development in the vital early years.

  • Supporting your child's emotional growth.

  • Skills and strategies to support your chosen style of parenting.

  • Common issues and how to manage these with Mindful Parenting,

       e.g. tantrums, sleeping, eating, etc

  • The importance of setting boundaries and how to do this respectfully

  • Learning how to reflect on your parenting in order to develop your skills as your children grow.

(11+ years)


  In addition to topics covered in Children '   Workshops;

  • Building a strong relationship with your Adolescent

  • Understanding the Adolescent Brain and how it affects behaviour and logic 

  • Using Mindful Parenting techniques to teach life Skills including Personal safety, including Internet saftey, Critical thinking skills, working as a Team, intrinsic motivation and body image

  • How to identify and help your Teen manage stress (academic and personal).

  • Friendships and social relationships.

  • Moving on to the next stage of education.

  • Leaving home.

(4-10 years)


  • The value of Mindful Parenting

  • Social and emotional development

  • The power of listening

  • How to use empathy to support your child's emotional growth

  • Teaching children to co-operate

  • Solving problems with your child

  • Setting boundaries

  • Building self-esteem and resilience

  • Using effective praise

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Mindfulness Practice for Parents
Many parents want to be more patient around their children but struggle in the moment to maintain this.  Whether it’s a toddler tantrum, stubborn child or difficult teenager, when we are faced with big feelings and challenging behaviour it can feel impossible to remain calm and role model the emotional management skills that we are so keen for our children to learn yet still struggle to practice ourselves.  The skills of mindfulness teach us how to notice our triggers, to be more aware of our own big feelings and then how to manage them so we don’t explode them onto our children or teens and are able to regulate our emotions so we can co-regulate with them.  Join this four week workshop for parents of children of all ages from birth upwards and find your calm place.
Living as a Mindful Parent

These monthly sessions are intended to provide ongoing support for Parents as they live and parent in a more mindful way, using strategies learnt either on a workshop or through their own development.  Each session stands alone and focuses on a specific parenting topic which can create challenges in our day to day lives.  The sessions last for 2 hours and you can register by clicking on the link below

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