I offer a variety of workshops including for Parents of children all ages so you can always find one that is suitable for you. 

Many parents start with the Mindfulness & Parenting Workshop (available for parents of children all ages), where you will be introduced to Mindfulness and learn how it can help you to bring greater calm, peace and presence into your own life as well as introducing mindfulness to your family.  You are also welcome to choose the Mindful Parenting Workshop that is most appropriate for the age or ages of your child/children - here you will learn how to develop and teach both co-operation and boundaries in your home, understand the difference between discipline and punishment and equip yourself with vital knowledge about childhood or adolescent brain development.  Please get in touch with me to find out the dates of my next in-person sessions in Dubai and the UK.

I also teach one off sessions called Living as a Mindful Parent where we focus on a wide variety of parenting topics including anxiety, anger, siblings, loss, schooling, co-parenting and triggers to name a few.  These workshops are held online and If you're interested in finding out more about these monthly sessions please get in touch. 

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Living as a Mindful Parent

These monthly sessions are intended to provide ongoing support for Parents as they live and parent in a more mindful way, using strategies learnt either on a workshop or through their own development.  Each session stands alone and focuses on a specific parenting topic which can create challenges in our day to day lives.  The sessions last for 2 hours and you can enquire about this month's topic sending an email to me

Mindfulness and Parenting


Parenting can often be a stressful and guilt ridden experience.  I wonder if before becoming a parent you had an image - a fantasy even - of how you were going to parent and the relationship you would have with your child.  Perhaps you wanted to copy your own childhood or were determined to make it a very different experience, perhaps you find yourself on a pendulum - swinging between letting your children do what they want because it feels easier and then losing your patience because they won’t listen or co-operate.  


This interactive  workshop will teach you how to connect with yourself and your children - whatever their age - so that you can be less reactive and more responsive in your parenting. We will explore emotional regulation, anxiety, expectations, triggers and how to manage conflict at home with strategies that build co-operation rather than damage it.

Mindful Parenting of Children

This workshop is suitable for all parents of children aged 4- 10 yrs who want to learn skills to be calmer and more present in their parenting.  This is not a one size fits all approach and you won’t leave with a manual full of instructions that look great but don’t work with your child in the heat of day-to-day parenting.  What you will get is a greater understanding of your child’s behaviour, why you react in the way you do and how you can learn to choose your response, role modelling the skills children need to develop co-operation, resilience, empathy and motivation.  

Mindful Parenting of Adolescents


This workshop is for parents of adolescents from age 11yrs to 19yrs who are interested in learning how to remain connected and influential during this key stage of your children’s lives.  We will explore the changing brain and behaviour of young people as well as understanding why and how to respond with clear boundaries, compassion and calmness – even when emotions are high.  Peer influence, social media, anxiety, exams and motivation are some of the areas we will discuss whilst remaining focused on how you can practice being present with your adolescent even as they start to move away from you both physically and emotionally. 

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