All of the below comments are from parents who have either attended Mindful Parenting Workshops or participated in private sessions with me. 

Thank you Jo I found the course life changing and am very grateful to have met you and gained so much from you.

I enjoyed the relaxed and friendly environment.  It was very neutral and there were no judgements made.  I have been enriched and realised that I am on the right path most of the time with my children

Honestly, the best course I’ve ever done – and I have done quite a few! 

For years I have wanted advice and support and being in Dubai it’s been so hard to find this.  I have so much to learn and this workshop has helped so much

It has been incredibly reassuring to realise that I am not the only parent struggling with doing the right thing for my kids

Joanne is a brilliant coach and she is very in touch with the various issues of how kids behave

I discovered and learnt much more than I thought possible, my relationship with my children has become even happier.  I have told all my friends about it and they will be attending too!  

The course impacts on many elements of your life, self improvement, not just parenting!  Fab journey of self awareness and discovery, very rewarding.

It was great to have support from other parents, especially when we live away from family

Jo – the fact that you shared your own parenting experiences as well as teaching strategies helped me to feel comfortable and capable – it’s ok to make mistakes, we don’t always get it right

I have now started to listen to what my children have to stay instead of trying to fix their problems.  We discuss issues more openly together and I think they feel more comfortable to approach me with their concerns than before the workshops 

I have come away from this course feeling much better equipped to deal positively with my kids and to help shape them to become the adults I always hoped they would be.

I've learnt the importance of being a mindful parent and keeping my eyes on the long term goals. I feel this workshop went beyond parenting to helping me be more empathetic and a better wife and friend.

It really highlighted the importance of listening and empathy and gave me a new perspective on parenting. It set the tone for the rest of the sessions and really changed my mindset from the first week.

Listening is the start of everything , it helps me build empathy and connect with my children.

Such a powerful approach and made huge difference in our household.

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