12 hours that will change your life....

When I ask for feedback at the end of my Workshops, the most common phrase I hear is '...this course has truly changed my life...thankyou" and I know that another mum, dad, parent, grandparent has learnt skills that have impacted not only on themselves as individuals but on their families and everyone they come into contact with.

In the words of the parents themselves:

“It has opened my eyes to how I was speaking to my children at times and it showed me some simple improvements which have dramatically improved the way my children respond to me.”

“I have come away from this course feeling much better equipped to deal positively with my kids and to help shape them to become the adults I always hoped they would be.”

“Such a powerful approach and made huge difference in our household.”

So what will you learn in 12 hours that makes such a huge difference?

You will learn that there is no such thing as a perfect parent or perfect children, that we all come to parenting with experiences and knowledge from our own childhood and figuring out what these are and how they impact on us empowers us to be the parent we want to be. That Parenting our own children when we are able to know and manage our own emotions and thoughts is challenging yet it allows us to connect to them in a way which makes gaining their co-operation so much easier. You will also learn to be self-compassionate, to listen, to use empathy, to use reflective conversation and to use your whole brain in order to not only understand your children but also to coach, guide and teach them about life, experiences and the challenges and joys that of growing up.

Mindful Parenting will provide you with the support, knowledge and skills to raise happy, resilient, well-balanced children who can identify their thoughts and emotions and use this knowledge to make good choices and to learn from the mistakes that they will inevitably make.

If you're wondering how I know this, how I can be confident that this is true? I have raised 3 children myself with these skills and seen them grow into young adults, and I have been running these workshops for the last 10 years and been getting the same feedback .

“Thank you Jo I found the course life changing and am very grateful to have met you and gained so much from you.”

The Workshops are a 12 hour investment that you can make for your family which you and they will reap the benefits from forever and the great news is that you get to choose the most convenient course for you - our next course starts on 16 April and there are lots of others to choose from on our Workshops page

Look forward to seeing you on a course soon!

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