Some days I just want to give up......

I spend a lot of time talking and writing about the importance of empathy and how it makes such a positive difference in our connection and relationship with our children. What I also talk more about during our workshops is how hard empathy is - it's a skill that takes knowledge, practice, self-awareness, more practice, self-compassion and even more practice. There are times when it will feel impossible to empathise with your child no matter how much you want to - the important thing is to find ways of helping yourself so that you can stick with it, knowing that in the long term it is really the key to a successful, caring, mindful relationship with your child.

One of the reasons that I teach Mindful Parenting through workshops is because of the support we are able to give each other on this journey to being more empathetic and more mindful. We can read about it, talk about it and do our best to put it into practice but working with a group of like-minded parents who are all struggling and doing it anyway can be the difference between success and giving up. Parents tell me how much they appreciate the time we spend discussing and practising the strategies and this is what makes the difference between reading it in a book and using it in real life.

If you've tried to make a change in your parenting strategies and found it too hard on your own, join one of our upcoming workshops and benefit from the non-judgemental and empathetic support you will get there.

Another well known Parenting Educator, Andrea Nair also talks about her struggle with using Empathy in this article.


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