Sessions for Parents, Students and Teachers 


We offer a variety of different sessions for your parents in your school - this can be tailored to a specific age group, e.g. Foundation/Kindergarten, Primary or Secondary, or aimed at all the Parents in your school, depending on the needs of your Parents.


These provide you with the ability to support your parents at a community level and engage them either with topics that are important to you as a school or provide vital education on Parenting Topics such as those listed below.  We can also produce an information or training session on a school needs basis so please contact us if you have a specific topic which is not listed below.


Parent sessions can be incorporated with sessions for Teachers and/or students if you have a topic that want to share across the school community and it's a natural way to engage everyone providing different and appropriate levels of information for each group.  All Seminars are tailored specifically to your school and in addition we can create pre and post session questionnaires to ascertain the impact and added value of the service provided for you.  We have been running these sessions across the UAE with very positive feedback from all parties. 

Costs for these sessions vary dependant on individual requirements so please contact us to discuss your needs.


Examples of Seminars for Schools:


  • Social Media 

  • Exam Stress 

  • Anxiety Management 

  • Setting Boundaries with Younger Children

  • The Teenage Brain

  • How to Stay Calm as a Parent/Teacher

  • Transition, Change and Moving on

  • The Impact of Insecure Attachments in the classroom

  • Social Education topics which link with your school's Wellbeing or PSHE programme 

Consultation services for Schools


I also offer a variety of consultation services which are tailor made for your school.  These include the following:


  • Family support in school

  • Liaison with multi-disciplinary support for families, including Educational Psychologist, Specialist Child and Adolescent Clinical sevices, and your own in-school Learning support service 

  • Training for Teachers and Support Staff in Parent liaision and supporting students in school using Mindful communication strategies


If you are interested in any of the services above, please contact me to discuss your needs and costings.