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Mindful Parenting Workshops run for 3 hours per session and run for either 4 weeks.  Each course lasts for 12 hours and you will get plenty of opportunity to practice the skills between sessions, ask questions and feedback so that your learning is fully supported and interactive.  

These are small group workshops, you will start the course knowing your personal goals and this will be the focus of your learning.  I run all the workshops myself so you can be confident that you are being supported by a knowledgeable and highly experienced educator who will facilitate your learning.  In order to benefit fully from the course, it is important to attend every week.  

The Workshops are suitable for all parents with children aged from 1 all the way up to 18 years of age. Whilst the key skills you learn are suitable for all ages, I do group Parents together with children of a similar age to maximise the learning experience.

(1-3 years)


  • Physical, emotional and brain development in the vital early years.

  • Supporting your child's emotional growth.

  • Skills and strategies to support your chosen style of parenting.

  • Common issues and how to manage these with Mindful Parenting,

       e.g. tantrums, sleeping, eating, etc

  • The importance of setting boundaries and how to do this respectfully

  • Learning how to reflect on your parenting in order to develop your skills as your children grow.

(11+ years)


  In addition to topics covered in Children '   Workshops;

  • Building a strong relationship with your Adolescent

  • Understanding the Adolescent Brain and how it affects behaviour and logic 

  • Using Mindful Parenting techniques to teach life Skills including Personal safety, including Internet saftey, Critical thinking skills, working as a Team, intrinsic motivation and body image

  • How to identify and help your Teen manage stress (academic and personal).

  • Friendships and social skRelationships.

  • Moving on to the next stage of education.

  • Leaving home.

(4-10 years)


  • The value of Mindful Parenting

  • Social and emotional development

  • The power of listening

  • How to use empathy to support your child's emotional growth

  • Teaching children to co-operate

  • Solving problems with your child

  • Setting boundaries

  • Building self-esteem and resilience

  • Using effective praise


This Workshop assumes a theoretical and practical knowledge of Mindful Parenting strategies.  Therefore, prior to attending the Siblings course, you will have completed any one of the Mindful Parenting Workshops.

Living as a Mindful Parent

These monthly sessions are intended to provide ongoing support for Parents as they live and parent in a more mindful way, using strategies learnt either on a workshop or through their own development.  Each session stands alone and focuses on a specific parenting topic which can create challenges in our day to day lives.  The sessions last for 2 hours and you can register by clicking on the link below

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